What can I do for you? (buyers)

Ultimately I want to know what YOU specifically need to best accomplish YOUR real estate goals, but in case you’re not sure how I might be able to help, here are some ideas. I provide all of these services to clients and potential clients at no cost so I can provide value to you and hopefully win the opportunity to work with you if, and only if, you feel we’re a good fit.


A showing is just a one on one appointment scheduled at your convenience (evenings and weekends are no problem!) to see a house that’s on the market. This is probably the most obvious and basic service that I, as a buyer’s agent, provide but it’s just the start. Whether you’re actively looking for your next home or whether you’re just dabbling to figure out what you might be looking for in the future, I’m happy to provide this service to you.

Automatic and instant “new listing” alerts directly from the MLS

As a Realtor I have access to the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) which is our proprietary database of listings. While much of this information is syndicated out to public-facing 3rd-party sites (Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, etc), the MLS is the source of over 90% of all listings. In addition to being the point of origin for this data, the search/filter tools can be much more granular so I can set up a search tailored exactly to what you’re looking for and send you automatic email alerts per listing, daily, or weekly.

Access to “off market” or “coming soon” listings

Some houses sell without ever actually getting listed on the open market (all with the seller’s knowledge and permission of course) because of internal connections. Even listings that will go on the market at some point are often discussed ahead of time around a given real estate office/company. The brokerage that I work under is the market leader by a large margin, selling about 31% of the houses in the area (in contrast to our closest competitor at about 12%) so I can sometimes give you a heads-up about key listings before other buyers/agents know about or have access to them.

Buying process and strategy consultation

Even experienced buyers often times have questions or holes in their knowledge/experience about steps in the buying process or necessary strategies to win in a competitive market. I am happy to meet for coffee or at my office to walk you through the whole buying process start to finish and answer any questions you have. Especially if you are still very early in the process this can be helpful in case there are any action items you need to be working on in the meantime to best position yourself to succeed. I provide these consultations at no cost or obligation to you. Of course I want to make a good impression and earn your business but I will at no point try to convince you to work with me if you don’t feel we’re a good fit.

In-depth report on the buying process and strategies

I always prefer to go through this information in person at the consultation mentioned above and again, I will at no point try to convince you to work with me if you don’t feel we’re a good fit. But if you don’t want to meet in person at this point, I can provide you with a copy of my in-depth 40-page report that covers a lot of this information.

In-depth report on how to analyze the market value of a house

As a buyer’s agent it is my job to know the market and to give you my professional evaluation of the list price as compared to the true market value of listings that you’re interested in. If you are on the more analytical side and are interested to know the method that I use to determine the market value of a house, I can provide an in depth report explaining that method.

In-depth report on current market conditions

A crucial factor in a successful home search is an understanding of the current market conditions and what they mean for you as a buyer. I can provide you with a current, in depth report on the local market with key stats such as average sale price, average price per square foot, average days on market, number of active listings, etc, now as compared with last month and last year.

Long-term plan to prepare yourself to buy 

If you are thinking of buying a house in the next few years but are not ready quite yet, there are a number of things that you can be working on in the meantime to best set yourself up for success when the time is right such as budgeting for down-payment and closing costs, increasing your credit scores, etc. I have a step by step plan in place for whatever timeline you’re on to ensure you can maximize your opportunities when you’re ready to buy.


If you are interested in any of the above no-cost, no-obligation opportunities, just give me a call or shoot me a text at 734-489-4725 or email me at luke@luketillotson.com and I’ll be happy to be of service!